Policy regarding the processing of personal data of data subjects pursuant to ART.of (EU) Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR")

Joint data controllers


Street name: Via Guido Polidoro 1

Post Code: 67100

City: L’Aquila

Country: Italy

VAT number: 1668910662

Business Registry number: 111360

Telephone: +39 06 93567716

E-mail: capozio.v@processiinnovativi.it..

BIO-P S.r.l.

Street name: Via di Vannina 88/94

Post Code: 00156


Country: Italy

VAT number: 13622851007

Business Registry number: RM-1461420

Telephone: +39 06 93567716

E-mail: capozio.v@processiinnovativi.it.

(“Companies” or “Joint Data Controllers”).

Processing purposes

Sending via email of informative newsletters on activities pursued by the Joint Data Controllers (e.g. news on the main results of the MEWLIFE project, initiatives or events within the MEWLIFE project).

Legal basis for processing

Execution of an agreement of which the data subject is a party.

Data retention period

Collected Data will be stored until the data subject requests to unsubscribe from the newsletter service and/or the website of the project remains active.

Upon the expiry of aforementioned terms of conservation, Data will be destroyed, deleted or made anonymous.

Compulsory nature of data submission

Pursuant to art. 13., par. 2, lett e) of the GDPR, we hereby inform you that disclosure of your email address for the aforementioned purposes is necessary for the execution of the service. Therefore, your refusal to disclose it will mean we will be unable to send informative material to you.

Unsubscribing from the service

If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter you can:

  • Click on the special link at the bottom of each email containing the newsletter.
  • Send an email to the following address XXX

Categories of data recipients

Data may be processed by external persons or entities operating in their capacity as Data Controllers, by way of example: supervisory and control authorities and in general public or private persons or entities authorised to request Data.

Data may also be processed on behalf of the Company by external subjects appointed as Data Processors pursuant to art. 28 of the GDPR and who have received suitable operative instructions to do so. These persons or entities may belong to any of the following categories:

  • companies providing email sending services;
  • companies providing website maintenance and information system management services;
  • companies providing support for market studies;
  • events and communications agencies.

Parties authorizied for processing

Data may be processed by employees and collaborators belonging to Company functions assigned for the pursuit of aforementioned purposes and who have received explicit authorisation for processing as well as suitable operative instructions from the Joint Data Controllers and/or Data Processor.

Rights of the data subject – complaint to the supervisory authority

Data Subjects may contact the Group Corporate Affairs, Governance and Compliance function via e-mail at privacy@mairetecnimont.it to request the following from the Joint Data Controllers: access to Data concerning them, their deletion, the amendment of inexact Data, the integration of incomplete Data, limitation of processing in cases provided for under art. 18 of the GDPR as well as objection to processing due to their special situation, in the hypothesis of the Joint Data Controller’s legitimate interest.

If processing is based on consent or the agreement and is carried out using automated means, data subjects have the right to receive Data in a structured and commonly used format that is readable from an automatic device and submit said Data to another Data Controller, if technically feasible.

Data subjects have the right to withdraw consent for the distribution of informative material at any time and object to Data processing for the same purposes. For data subjects who prefer to be contacted via traditional means only for the aforementioned purposes, it remains without prejudice that they can object to the reception of notifications via automated means.

Data subjects have the right to submit complaints to the competent Supervisory Authority in the member State in which they normally reside or work, or the State in which the alleged breach occurred.

Data subjects declaration of consent

Having read the Privacy Information Statement here above and aware of the fact that my consent is purely optional in nature and of my right to withdraw it at any time

I consent to the processing of my personal Data by NextChem e BIO-P S.r.l.for the sending of notifications via e-mail on MEWLIFE project

I agree

I do not consent