AlgaEurope 2020

01/12/2020 – 04/12/2020 – Online

Exchange information about new technologies and developments in chemical processes among people working in industry, university and research centers.

Organizations attending: Hundreds of researchers, industrialists and academics from several EU and extra EU countries.

The process was disseminated by taking an oral presentation (broadcasted in live streaming) and by speaking with several stakeholders throughout the conference. Title of the presentation: First 24 months of the MEWLIFE Project – MicroalgaE biomass from phototrophic-heterotrophic cultivation using olive oil Wastewaters. The conference was organized including four days of oral and poster presentations taken by several researchers from academia and industry. Technological and scientific impacts of the MEWLIFE process related to microalgal cultivation in wastewaters and key compound extraction have been exposed to several international people.

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