II Workshop giovani AISAM

24/09/2021 Roma (IT)

II Workshop giovani AISAM

Connecting young researchers and businessman in the microalgae field with the aim enhance discussion and collaboration for the development of new technologies and research. HTR and Nextchem are associate members of AISAM.

Organizations attending: Several Italian research centers and universities involved in microalgae cultivation and processing attended the conference.

Nextchem and BIOP prepared a video-presentation of the poster developed to disseminate the MEWLIFE project (see Pictures section below). HTR prepared an oral presentation: “Control of bacterial contamination in heterotrophic microalgae cultures by cultivation in a sequential batch reactor”. The conference was organized in 3 different sessions (Session 1: Environmental Biotechnology, Session 2: Physiology of microalgae and molecular biology, Session 3: Bioactive molecules: nutraceutical and biomedical applications. Each session included several presentations by selected speakers.

Preliminary laboratory results about transferability action of the MEWLIFE project with cheese whey utilization as wastewater in place of olive mill wastewater have been showed and discussed with relevant stakeholders.


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